To register as a new user, click on Register at the top of the window. You will be asked for your name, a username and password, and contact information, including your email address.

Registration is a two step process! You must complete both steps before you can buy or sell items.

You must be at least 18 years of age to register!

Step 1

Begin by selecting a unique username for your account. This is not only for gaining access to the website, but it is how you will be recognized by other Buyers and Sellers. All alphanumeric and some punctuation characters are allowed.

Now select a strong password to use when you log into your account. Your password will be case-sensitive, and the best passwords contain numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters.

Confirm your password. By entering your password twice, you confirm that you have typed it correctly.

The following fields are required:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • City
  • State (or Region)
  • Zip or Postal Code
  • Country
  • Primary Phone Number
The following fields are optional:
  • Company
  • Secondary Phone Number

Billing Information

Click the check box to copy the information entered above, or enter your billing information manually if it differs from your contact information. When your Personal Information is complete, click "Register Now".

Step 2: Verification

Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a verification link at the email address you entered. If you do not recieve an email, be sure to check your spam folder; otherwise, you can resend the email from the login page by attempting to log in with the username and password you entered in the form.

Searching for Items


You can search for items on the Home Page or browse items by category. To place a bid or sell an item you must register for an account.

There are two ways to search for items, Basic Search and Advanced Search.

Basic Search - Accessible from both the Home Page and Browse.

  • Enter Keywords, Username, or item number

Advanced Search - Accessible by clicking the "Advanced Search" button on the Home Page

The following options are available for the Advanced Search:

  • Category - Select a specific item category or leave at “Select a category” to search all.
  • Keywords - Keywords or Item #. To search Title & Descriptions check the appropriate box.
  • Item Location - Choose a specific Location, or leave blank to search all Locations.
  • Item Options - Select any or all of the following fields.
    • Equipment Number
    • VIN
    • Make
    • Model
    • Year
    • Odometer - enter a range

  • Refine Your Search - Narrow the search. Reduce the number of search results by setting specific searchable properties.
    • Price Range
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Seller
    • Include Closed Auctions
    • Include Buy It Now! Auctions
    • Search only Buy It Now! Auctions
    • Search only Auctions with No Reserve price
    • Search only Auctions with Pictures

  • Display Format - How to organize the items your search returns.
    • Items Ending First - Items with the least amount of time left first.
    • Newly Listed Items First - Items with the most recent start date.
    • Lowest Price First
    • Highest Price First

Press "GO" to activate Advanced Search.


The following shipping companies are available to pickup, package and ship to your address destination. Otherwise, your item may be picked up from our offices at 1924 S. 10 1/2 Street, Springfield as described in our terms and conditions, or other locations as determined in the listing description of each item. The State of Illinois assumes no liability for the pickup and shipment of your iBid property. This is not a service of the State of Illinois. These companies are not agents acting on behalf of the state. Companies identified are purely for your reference and convenience. Your consent and agreement to accept shipping terms and conditions for delivery, costs, and transportation charges are exclusively between you and the shipping vendor.

Springfield Area Shippers:

Box & Go
3309 Robbins Rd.
Springfield IL, 62704
Phone: 217-862-2060
Fax: 217-546-4915

A+ Pack N Ship
1820 S. MacArthur Blvd
Springfield, IL 62704
Phone: 217-535-0000
Fax: (217)-391-4305

We handle small or large shipping needs including palletizing and freight shippments

Hillier Storage
2728 S. 11th St.
Springfield, IL 62703
Phone: 217-525-8550
Fax: 217-525-8557

Call for shipping quotes on large quantities or by bulk weight items only.

Wabash Package & Postal Company
1337 Wabash
Springfield, IL 62704
Phone: 217-793-1800
Fax: 217-793-2050
Contact: Roni or Clyde

Stickney/Cicero Area Shippers for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago:

Craters & Freighters – Ship and Package
Phone: 877-278-6378
Fax: 815-609 -7203
Contact: Jackie

Pak-Mail – Ship and Package
6450 College Rd
Lisle, IL
Phone: 630-355-5020
Fax: 630-495 0417
Contact: Sam

Con-Way Freight
Phone: 800-897-6152
Fax: 773-523-1285
Contact: Rich Sheri

Shipping only / must be in a box or on a skid.

Navis Pack & Ship of Chicago- Ship and Package
Phone: 773-313-1640
Fax: 773-313-1604
Contact: Mike Robertson

Fox Valley Area Shippers:

UPS Store
1770 South Randall Road
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-262-7447 Contact: Jon Marchuk

JCI Logistics
648 North Street
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-262-3930
Contact: Paul Curry

The Shipping Place
761 N 17th Street, Unit 11
St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone: 630-377-0033
Contact: Greg Farrell

Services, Etc.
1921 West Wilson
Batavia, IL 60510
Phone: 630-406-0007
Contact: Kuanie Huang

Post Mart Business Center
244 S Randall Road
Elgin, IL 60123
Phone: 847-468-7678
Contact: Bijen Modi

Riverside Area Shippers:

Pak-Mail – Ship and Package Services Illinois Region
6450 College Rd
Lisle, IL
Phone: 630-355-5020
Fax: 630-495 0417

Package Express Plus
831 W Maple Ave.
Homewood, IL 60430
Phone: 708-957-2424
Contact: Alfred Rodriquez

Naperville Locations:

Pak-Mail- Ship and Package
6450 College Road
Lisle, Illinois
Phone: 630-355-5020
Fax: 630-495-0417
Contact: Sam

Navis Pack & Ship of Downers Grove, Illinois
5024 Chase Ave.
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515
Contact: Ted or Paul

JCI Logistics
648 North Street
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-262-3930
Contact: Paul Curry

The Shipping Place
761 N 17th Street, Unit 11
St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone: 630-377-0033
Contact: Greg Farrell

Craters & Freighters
14411 Coil Plus Drive
Unit B 101
Plainfield, Il 60544
Phone: 877-278-6378
Contact: Jackie

My Dashboard

The My Dashboard menu is only visible if the user is logged into the application. All registered users will see the following tabs:

  • Summary
  • My Account
  • Selling (for Sellers only)
  • Buying (for Buyers only)
  • Invoicing


The Summary tab contains general information and links about your account. It is broken down into two sections:

  • Reminders
    • New Messages/Questions: If the user has new messages from another user, such as a buyer on one of his or her auctions, they appear here with a link to the system inbox.
    • Items you need to pay for: If the user won an auction, this link will take you to a list of his or her outstanding invoices.
    • Successful items awaiting payment: Auctions that have sold but are not yet paid for.
    • Items you're bidding on that are ending soon: Any item the user has bid on whose auction ends in the next 24 hours.
    • Items you have been outbid on: list of auctions on which the user has bid but has since been outbid.
  • General
    • Listings you are watching
    • Listings you currently have bid on
    • Listings you have won
    • Listings you have not won
    • Successful listings
    • Unsuccessful listings
    • Active listings
    • Listing templates


This section contains links to the configuration of your account, including your Storefront, if applicable. These include:

  • Edit your personal profile: This is where all of the user's personal information, including his or her password, email address, address information, ePay merchant ID, email preferences, and profile description are stored. Note: Users cannot change the username/given name on their accounts.
  • View Messages: In-system messages can be read and sent here.
  • Outstanding Payments
  • Billing Details:
  • Storefront: If the user is a Seller who has a Storefront, those details are configured here. This includes icons, banners, and descriptions.


The selling tab contains links to every function a user logged in as a seller needs to create, edit, and view auctions. These functions are:

  • Sell an item: Create an auction.
  • Pending Auctions: Auctions that have been created for a future date that have not become active yet.
  • Active Auctions: Auctions which are currently open.
  • Successful Auctions: Auctions which are closed and which have a successful bid.
  • Unsuccessful Auctions: Auctions that are now closed with no successful bids. Auctions with a Reserve Price that have bids that do not meet the Reserve Price are considered unsuccessful.
  • Suspended Auctions: Auctions that were Active but which have been suspended.
  • Sold Items: List of items which have been successfully sold, along with bid information and the ability to sell similar items.
  • Templates: Sellers can create basic templates for items that they frequently sell. Instead of creating a new auction each time, they can use the pre-populated template to save time.
  • Preferences: Sellers can set their default Location, Shipping Fee, Extra Shipping Fee, and Tax rate. These values will populate any new Auction created by the seller.


The buying tab contains links to very function a user configured to be a buyer needs to review auctions that he or she has watched, bid on, won, and lost. These functions are:

  • Your Auction Watch: Users can add keywords to watch for in the auction system. Any auctions that match the watchlist will display here.
  • Item Watch: From any auction detail screen, a buyer can choose to Watch an item.  The system will alert them via messages to their email and system inbox about any new change in the status of an item.
  • Your bids: Any bids the user has placed on items appear here. Auctions on which the user has been outbid are highlighted in yellow.
  • Auctions you won: Any auctions which have closed with the user as the winning bidder appear here. Details include Auction title, Seller, Closed Date, Quantity, and Total Due. Users can click the Pay Now button to pay for the item they have won.
  • Auctions you did not win: Any auctions which have closed on which the user was not the high bidder. Details include Auction title, Seller, Closed Date, Quantity, user's bid, Winning Bid, and Total.


When an auction closes with a successful bidder, the IBid system generates an invoice. This invoice shows the item detail, price, billing detail, seller detail, any fees or taxes due by the buyer, and shipping information. The options available under the Invoicing tab vary based on the user's role.

  • Sales Summary (Seller): The Sales Summary lists each successful auction for the time period selected (default: previous month), with the Auction number, Category, Winning Bidder, Sale Date, Sale Amount, and CMS Commission amount. Total and Grand Total are provided.
  • New Sales (Seller): Immediately after an Auction closes and before an Invoice is generated, sales information is displayed here. Information includes Winner name, Auction Title, Winner's Bid, Quantity, and Sales Date. Sellers may manually generate an invoice here.
  • Invoiced Sales (Seller): Sales that have completed and invoiced are displayed here. Sellers can resend invoices, email buyers, and mark invoices as shipped from this screen. Each listing has a link to the invoice for the item where sellers can adjust fees, etc. for each individual invoice.
  • Purchases (Buyers): This screen shows each auction the user has won and invoiced.  Buyers can email the seller with questions or checkout via ePay. Each listing shows the Seller, link to the Invoice, whether or not it has shipped, Invoice Date, Invoice Amount, payment status, shipping status, and tracking information.

When will my iBid registration be approved?

iBid registrations are not automatically approved by our system. If you register for iBid on the weekend or in the evening, it will be processed on the next business day.