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9)    Sales Tax will not be added.  Sales Tax will not be added to the total amount of the purchase. Treasury does impose a "buyers premium" on each auction item.

14)    Penalty process for non-payment and non-pickup.  First time non-paymenty offense will result in a 90 day suspension, Second offense within 12 calendar months will result in a 2-year suspension.

If a buyer is suspected of being a fictitious bidder or intentionally disrupts the bidding process, they will be immediately and permanently suspended.  If the winning bidder pays but doesn't pick up it is a 30 day suspension.  If the bidder requests a refund for the item they didn't pick up it will be treated as a non-payment. 

Abandoned property.   All items must be removed from CMS property and cannot be thrown away in CMS's dumpsters.   Abandoned property is considered property not picked up and the proper penalties will be applied. 

Loading.  We assist with loading of heavy equipment. 

We can load heavy items requiring the use of a forklift ONLY into an open truck bed or a trailer.  SUV's, small vehicles and trucks with toppers will need to bring someone to help the winning bidder load. 

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