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InterWrite PRS RF (Personal Response System)
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InterWrite PRS is the most important, comprehensive assessment tool you will ever use. Its use as an electronic audience response testing and polling system is unrivaled, but the real appeal of PRS lies in its ability to provide an instructor with instant feedback about each student's understanding of the lesson or lecture. The InterWrite Personal Response System (PRS) easily tracks and records each individual response coming in from the audience. The instant feedback for the instructor and the students is in the form of a chart of the response distribution that can be displayed after each question is answered. The questions used to assess the students' understanding of the material being presented can be prepared in advance, or composed on-the-fly. This flexibility is the hallmark of the PRS system, and what makes it such a powerful assessment tool. Whether used to survey, review, or test, the PRS system meets the challenge with an impressive collection of features that engages students and encourages their participation. Teachers can spend more time time teaching and less time marking tests and maintaining grade books. Response data are electronically gathered, scored and recorded in grade books. A variety of report formats extend the considerable array of class and individual student assessment tools available to the instructor.  In addition, PRS supports industry-standard XML formats, providing seamless integration with electronic textbook courseware, grading applications and Course Management Systems.

The versatility of PRS is evident in its widespread application. Teachers at all education levels can use it to assess and test their students. Marketing researchers, political analysts, and pollsters in all fields can use PRS to survey and electronically record preferences, opinions, and votes. The PRS system can be used in any situation where there is a need to gather, record and evaluate response data.

Designed by teachers, for teachers, Interwrite is easy to integrate into your lectures:

•Each student uses a personal remote which they bring to class.

•You ask multiple-choice, numerical-answer, or matching questions during class; students simply click their answer into their transmitter.

•A classroom receiver connected to your computer's USB  tabulates all answers and displays them graphically in class.

•Results can be recorded for grading, attendance, or simply used as a discussion point.


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