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***** $499.00  OR  BEST OFFER *****



Model # GY-DV550U

Serial #’s  08630073, 09931796, 07730603, 17550097

The GY-DV550U is perfect for broadcasters but priced within easy reach of webcasters, corporate studios, high schools, universities, cable access studios and churches. It has all of the features, performance and accessories expected from a CCU controllable camera, plus the ability to operate in an iso-cam environment. Add to that the fact that it works superbly as a standalone camcorder, and you have a JVC world's first. This is not just another camcorder with studio add-ons. The GY-DV550U is designed as a full bandwidth (800 line) studio camera from the ground up! Plus, it's a full-blown ENG camcorder. Its recordings are compatible with DVCAM and DVCPRO, yet its performance is superior to any camera in its class. And in JVC tradition, we've priced the GY-DV550U well within the reach of our target customers, allowing them to Do More, Do it Better and for significantly less. 

Condition: Used, Good Working Condition.


What you get:

  • Camcorder: JVC Model GY-550U 
  • Viewfinder:  JVC Model  VF-P400U  Serial 07959042
  • Lens:           Fujinon S14x7.5BRM-4
  • Remote Control unit:  JVC Model RM-HP79  Serial 175V0052
  • 50ft of Tecnec Broadcast video cable
  • Tripod base adapter 
  • Tripod Zoom & Focus Controls
  • Full CCU control (26 pin interface) w/genlock
  • Remote power, intercom, tally (up to 330 feet)
  • Uses JVC or Sony CCU multicore cables
  • Backup VTR via 26-pin or IEE1394
  • Return video/teleprompter
  • VTR record trigger via rear lens control
  • IsoCam recording with house timecode
  • Three 1/2-inch CCDs, 0.75 lux low light
  • Exclusive 14-bit JVC DSP for best blacks and color
  • Ultra-low light lets you "see in the dark"
  • More than 800 lines resolution
  • Analog video input (for pool feeds)
  • Standard bayonet lens mount
  • IEEE 1394 digital in/out
  • Fully digital, end-to-end
  • Uses standard MiniDV cassettes
  • SMPTE Timecode in/out
  • Letterbox 16:9
  • EFP Camera remote capable 


11 Used Altman Model 75Q 8" Fresnel 

A lightweight, long throw, all purpose lighting device the 8" fresnel produces a soft edged beam which varies in diameter from 6.3 feet to 25 feet at a throw distance of 30 feet for the 75Q. The 75Q is designed for operation with the long life, high intensity tungsten halogen lamps. The Luminaire is used in theatre for acting area lighting where beam shaping is not required or in television studios for key and backlighting. Other uses include nightclubs, museums and show windows where soft edge controlled lighting is required.

3 SCOOP Lights 154

Part of a family of Scoop fixtures, the Scoop 154 is a lightweight multi-purpose elliptical reflector floodlight that produces a very diffuse soft edged beam.  The Scoop 154 produces a beam diameter of 15 feet at a distance of 7.5 feet.



  • Extremely compact, lightweight--8.2 lbs. with lens and 1" viewfinder.
  • Low power consumption--15.0 watts w/1" viewfinder.
  • f/1.4 prism optical system
  • 3 newly designed 1/2" hi-voltage Saticon tubes.
  • Hi-resolution of 600 lines.
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio of 54dB
  • Genlock input (through AC power connector)
  • Auto-shift registration
  • Auto white/black balance
  • Auto beam control (ABC)
  • Auto black level circuit (ABL)
  • Servo iris control circuit w/auto iris close
  • Color bar circuit
  • 6dB/ 12dB gain boost for low light
  • Built-in color temperature filter wheel
  • "Hot Shoe" viewfinder, lens, & optional microphone
  • Extended life memory backup battery







All items listed were fully functional when stored, unless otherwise listed.


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Sep 18, 2017 - 04:20 PM

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Sep 20, 2017 - 08:25 AM

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