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Lot of 5 Junk Vehicles
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Lot F 210706

Lot of 5 vehicles: All vehicles are Junk Titled.  Picture above is only an example for reference and may not represent actual equipment.  A Junk Title or "Junk Certificate" cannot be re-issued as a valid title, once a junk certificate is issued that vehicle is no longer considered a viable roadworthy vehicle.  Please be aware of the title status BEFORE placing a bid.  Winner will have five (5) business days to pay from close of auction.  Winner will have ten (10) business days to arrange pickup with IDOT from the close of auction.

NO refunds will be made for a junk title after the sale.  Vehicles located at District 7: 1900 W. NATIONAL AVE, RT 40, EFFINGHAM, IL 61528. No preview of the vehicles is available.  

Junk titles will be mailed to the buyer.  The removal of vehicles will be scheduled by IDOT with the winner to retrieve vehicles from the location.  The winning bidder must have all equipment/tools needed for the removal of vehicles from the location.

All sales are final.

T31483 T64 - 2 AXLE DUMP 2004 INTL 7400 1HTWDAAN74J027116
T36328 T64 - 2 AXLE DUMP 1996 INTL 4900 1HTSDAAN0TH257309
T36418 T67 - TRUCK - TANDEM AX DUMP/W-PLOW 2001 INTL 4900T 1HTSHAAR41H392698
T44599 T64 - 2 AXLE DUMP 2007 INTL 7400 1HTWDAAN27J446141
T44976 T65 - TRUCK - 2 AXLE CC DUMP/HOPPER 2007 INTL 7400 1HTWDAAN27J506175
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United States (62563)

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4900T/ 7400


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Buyer pays shipping expenses

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Payment for this item may be made online with a Visa or Mastercard credit card only.
Or, pay in person with a Cashiers Check and/or Money Order made out to IDOT.

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$ 3,000.00

Auction started:
Nov 29, 2021 - 05:00 PM

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Dec 06, 2021 - 06:12 PM

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