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Part # MFG MFG Part # Part Descript On Hand
01D1-9033                DODGE                                                        55056322AE               Control - Blower 55056322AE 1
01D3-8630                MURRAY CORPORATION                                           288354 Evaporator - Front 288354 1
01F2-7525                FORD                                                         E1AZ-19B888-B            A/C Selector Switch E1AZ-19B888-B 1
01F2-7719                FORD                                                         3C2Z-6C354-AA            A/C Bracket 3C2Z-6C354-AA 1
02A0-0459                FORD                                                         F2UZ-1510444-A           Catch (Dog House) F2UZ-1510444-A 3
02D0-8501                DODGE                                                        3799089 Wiper Arm Bushing 3799089 4
02D3-2313                DODGE                                                        55155149 Wiper Arm  Front 55155149 1
02F0-0455                Turtle Top (Midwest Transit)                                 VG10500-05-E             Door Latch VG10500-05-E                                      1
02F0-3012                FORD                                                         D5UZ-1126680-A           Cargo Door Handle D5UZ-1126680-A 1
02F0-7390                FORD                                                         F2UZ-16796-A             Hood Hinge F2UZ-16796-A 1
02F0-7629                FORD                                                         F2UZ-16797-A             Hood Hinge F2UZ-16797-A 1
02F1-2284                FORD                                                         E69Z-1122601-A           Rear Door Handle E69Z-1122601-A 1
02F2-0525                Moonlite Marine Inc.                                         MM0 115-2                Door Holder Spring MM0 115-2                                 3
02F2-6168                FORD                                                         F4UZ-1522810-A           Lower Door Hinge F4UZ-1522810-A 1
02F2-6301                FORD                                                         F3UZ-37611B09-C          Seat Belt Retractor Asy LH F3UZ-37611B09-C 1
02F2-6302                FORD                                                         F2UZ-1561203-C           Driver Seat Buckle F2UZ-1561203-C 1
02F2-7752                Southern Bus & Mobility                                      0026472-8                Handle Turtle Top Window Red 0026472-8 3
02F2-7771                FORD                                                         6C2Z-1561203-AAA         Seat Belt Pretensioner 6C2Z-1561203-AAA 1
02F2-7920                FORD                                                         6C2Z-16700-AA            Hood Latch 6C2Z-16700-AA 1
02F2-8314                BEAMS INDUSTRIES, INC.                                       PB301-6B                 Passenger Seat Lap Belt PB301-6B 6
02F2-9194 FORD                                                         6C2Z-15602B82-AA         Adjuster - Seat Belt Pillar 6C2Z-15602B82-AA 1
02F2-9516                FORD                                                         7C2Z-1504371-AA          Radio Delete Cover 7C2Z-1504371-AA 2
02F3-1077                FORD                                                         F57Z-14A701-BB           Seat Switch F57Z-14A701-BB 3
02F3-3484                FORD                                                         F1TZ-17603-C             Rear Window Spray Nozzle F1TZ-17603-C 1
02F4-3156                FORD                                                         F3TZ-7822405-A           Door Handle F3TZ-7822405-A 1
03A0-0460                CHAMP SERVICE LINE                                           7-143                    Oil Pressure Gauge 7-143                                     3
03A0-0461                DATCON INSTRUMENT COMPANY                                    07640-00                 Ammeter 07640-00                                             1
11F2-8665                FORD                                                         E7TZ-1195-A              Washer - Front Sprindle E7TZ-1195-A 1
11F2-8666                FORD                                                         374504-S100              Nut - Front Spindle 374504-S100 1
13D1-8818                DODGE                                                        5015882AA                Sensor - ABS Front 5015882AA 2
13D2-7071 GREY-ROCK DIV., RAYBESTOS-MANHATTAN                          BMD856                   Frt Brake Pads BMD856 1
13D2-8810                DODGE                                                        5086651AA                Sensor - Rear Wheel Speed 5086551AA 1
13F0-3691                FORD                                                         E8TZ-2L602-A             Park Brake Bearing E8TZ-2L602-A 3
13F0-7258                FORD                                                         BRAK-2598                Brake Kit BRAK-2598 1
13F0-7259                FORD                                                         BRAK-2599                Brake Kit BRAK-2599 1
13F1-10226               FORD                                                         6U2Z-2V200-D             Pads - Rear Brake 6U2Z-2V200-D 1
13F1-12151 CARQUEST CORP                                                GMD1333F                 Pads - Front Brake GMD1333F 1
13F2-3490                FORD                                                         F2UZ-15A851-A            Park Brake Switch F2UZ-15A851-A 1
13F2-7522                FORD                                                         6C2Z-2552-B              Caliper Complete Rear RH 6.0 Fords 6C2Z-2552-B 0
13F2-7522-P MOTORCRAFT CORP.                                             6C2Z-2552-BA             Caliper Rear RH 6.0 Fords 6C2Z-2552-BA 1
13F2-7523                FORD                                                         6C2Z-2553-B              Caliper - Complete Rear LH 6.0 Fords 6C2Z-2553-B 0
13F2-7523-P MOTORCRAFT CORP.                                             6C2Z-2553-B              Caliper Rear LH 6.0 Fords 6C2Z-2553-B 1
13F2-8473                FORD                                                         6C2Z-2005-AB             Power Brake Booster 6C2Z-2005-AB 1
13F2-9541                FORD                                                         1C2Z-2L454-AA            Reservoir - Brake Master with Sensor 1C2Z-2L454-AA 1
13F2-9831                FORD                                                         4C2Z-2L487-BA            Pulley - Vacuum Pump 4C2Z-2L487-BA 1
18A0-0547                BCA, FEDERAL-MOGUL                                           19214 Wheel Bearing Seal 19214                                     2
18A0-0550                BCA, FEDERAL-MOGUL                                           225220 Seal 225220 1
18A0-4681                BCA, FEDERAL-MOGUL                                           413470 Wheel Seal 413470 2
18A0-7828                BCA, FEDERAL-MOGUL                                           2081 Wheel Seal Chevrolet 2081 2
18C0-9059                SKF INDUSTRIES, INC.                                         1534569 Seal - Wheel Rear 1534569 1
18D2-0549                BCA, FEDERAL-MOGUL                                           5604 Wheel Bearing Seal 5604                                      2
18D3-3600                BCA, FEDERAL-MOGUL                                           417158 Wheel Seal 417158 2
18D3-4095                BCA, FEDERAL-MOGUL                                           493291 Wheel Seal 493291 2
18D3-4099                BCA, FEDERAL-MOGUL                                           3087 96 Ram 2500 Grease Seal 3087 2
18D3-7735                BCA, FEDERAL-MOGUL                                           710067 Wheel Seal 710067 2
18E0-2240                BCA, FEDERAL-MOGUL                                           6358 Rear Wheel Seal 6358 2
18F0-0551                FORD                                                         E4TZ-1S190-A             Front w/Bearing Seal E4TZ-1S190-A 2
18F2-4637                FORD                                                         E8TZ-1A124-A             RH Axle Nut E8TZ-1A124-A 4
21F2-8047                FORD                                                         E8UZ-4670-A              Thrust Shim for Dana 70 Axle E8UZ-4670-A 6
21F2-8438                FORD                                                         9C2Z-3106-B              Left Front Spindle 9C2Z-3106-B 1
22F2-4143                FORD                                                         F5TZ-4676-A              Pinion Seal 99-00 F5TZ-4676-A 2
22F2-7505 FORD                                                         1C2Z-4676-AA             Pinion Seal 2004 Superduty 1C2Z-4676-AA 1
27F0-0473                FORD                                                         F5TZ-7A247-AA            E40D Switch F5TZ-7A247-AA 5
27F0-0474                FORD                                                         E7TZ-7A247-B             Safety Neutral Switch E7TZ-7A247-B 4
27F0-0612                FORD                                                         D0OZ-17271-B             Gear D0OZ-17271-B                                            2
27F0-2293                FORD                                                         F5TZ-7A247-B             Safety Neutral Switch F5TZ-7A247-B  E40D 2
27F2-3639                FORD                                                         F7TZ-7F293-AA            Safety Neutral F7TZ-7F293-AA 1
27F2-7587                FORD                                                         3C3Z-7R179-AA            Filter Housing Trans Ext 3C3Z-7R179-AA 1
33C0-7502                AC DELCO                                                     41-985                   Spark Plug 41-985 8
33C0-8730                CHEVROLET                                                    89018056 Wire - Spark Plug Set 89018056 1
33D2-4304                CHAMPION SPARK PLUG, DIV. COOPER INDUSTRIES                  CHA 31                   Plug - Spark  CHA 31 1
33D2-7845                PRESTOLITE CO., DIV., OF ELTRA CORP.                         35-4147 BREAKDOWN BOX    Wire - Spark Plug Single Wire  4 Cyl Caravan 3
33D2-8476                DODGE                                                        SPW09593AA               Wires - Spark Plug  6 Cyl  35-6317 1
33D3-3469                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                FD-175                   Dist Cap FD-175 1
33D3-7635                PRESTOLITE CO., DIV., OF ELTRA CORP.                         35-8313                  Wires - Plug  35-8313 1
33F0-0643                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                FD168X                   Distributor Cap FD168X                                       1
33F0-0645                FORD                                                         E2ZZ-12A217-A            Dist. Cap Adapter E2ZZ-12A217-A                              1
33F0-0646                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                FD-307X                  Ign. Rotor FD-307X                                           2
33F0-0647                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                FD-117X                  Ign. Rotor FD-117X                                           3
33F0-0649                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                RC3                      Capacitor RC3                                                1
33F0-0652                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                LX-226                   Module LX-226 2
33F0-0653                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                LX-203                   Module LX-203 1
33F0-0655                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                LX-101                   Module LX-101                                                1
33F0-0659                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                VC221                    Vacuum Control  (Dist) VC221 1
33F0-0661                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                812CA                    Coil Wire 12 Inch Long 812CA                                 6
33F0-0662                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                818CB                    Coil Wire 18 Inch Long 818CB                                 1
33F0-0663                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                814CB                    Coil Wire 14 Inch Long 814CB                                 2
33F0-0664                FORD                                                         AGSF-42F-MF4             Spark Plug AGSF-42F-MF4 2
33F0-3010                FORD                                                         E5TZ-11582-A             Ignition Lock Set E5TZ-11582-A 1
34A0-0510                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                S-91                     Light Socket And Pigtail S-91                                1
34A0-0512                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                S-69                     Light Socket And Pigtail S-69                                3
34A0-0513                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                S-515                    Light Socket And Pigtail S-515                               1
34A0-0520                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                S-526                    Flasher Head Lamp Socket S-526 5
34A0-0522                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                S-84                     Plug S-84                                                    1
34A0-0523                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                S-74                     Marker Light Socket S-74                                     1
34A0-0524                GROTE MFG. CO.                                               68110 Pig Tail Assy 9 1/2 inches 68110 5
34D1-4241                DODGE                                                        4399900 Turn Signal Bulb Socket 4399900 3
34D2-7757                DODGE                                                        ZL671L8AC                Switch Headlamp w/bezel w/o Mirror Switch ZL671L8AC 1
34D2-8485                DODGE                                                        5013947AA                Headlamp Harness Pig Tail 5013947AA 1
34F1-5062                FORD                                                         F2UZ-13201-A             LH Park Light Assy F2UZ-13201-A 1
34R0-0086                Mohawk Replacement Parts                                     11052004 Side Signal Light Assy. 011052004                            4
42D2-8548                DODGE                                                        4740906 O-Ring Tube to Water Pump 1
42F2-3550                FORD                                                         1C3Z-8592-AA             Thermostat Housing 1C3Z-8592-AA 3
42F2-4160                FORD                                                         F5TZ-8A616-KB            Fan Clutch F5TZ-8A616-KB 1
42F2-6178                FORD                                                         F81Z-18599-AA            Water Pump Elbow F81Z-18599-AA 1
43F2-11460 FORD                                                         6C3Z-9P449-A             Kit - EGR Baffle 6C3Z-9P449-A 1
43F2-11523 FORD                                                         6C2Z-5A242-BA            Hanger - Catalytic Converter 6C2Z-5A242-BA 1
43F2-4125 DAYTON PARTS, INC.                                           N806020-S2               Turbo Bolt N806020-S2 10
44D2-7481                DODGE                                                        4686360AC                Throttle Position Sensor TPS 2.4L 4686360AC 1
44F0-2108                FORD                                                         E3TZ-9K260-A             Injector Line Sleeve E3TZ-9K260-A 13
44F0-2109                FORD                                                         E3TZ-9C387-A             Injector Line Ring E3TZ-9C387-A 11
44F0-2111                FORD                                                         E3TZ-9N693-B             Injector Pump Seal E3TZ-9N693-B 10
44F0-3045                FORD                                                         F2TZ-9B989-C             TPS Switch Diesel F2TZ-9B989-C 1
44F0-9417                FORD                                                         8C3Z-9030-A              Cap - Diesel Fuel 8C3Z-9030-A 3
44F2-3255                FORD                                                         E8TZ-9S283-A             Fuel Pressure Sender E8TZ-9S283-A 1
44F2-3547                FORD                                                         E9TZ-9A564-B             Fuel Return Tee E9TZ-9A564-B 1
44F2-3548                FORD                                                         E9TZ-9A564-A             Fuel Return Tee E9TZ-9A564-A 3
44F2-7305                FORD                                                         F81Z-9A332-AA            Fuel Tube F81Z-9A332-AA 2
44F2-7315                FORD                                                         F6TZ-9417-AA             Gasket Oil Pump F6TZ-9417-AA 1
45C0-8788                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                V372                     Valve - PCV V372 1
45D2-6571                DODGE                                                        4621579 Oil Pan Gasket 4621579 Caravan 2.4 1
45D2-7992                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                V369                     PCV Valve V369 1
45D2-8443                DODGE                                                        4593633AA                Tensioner  2.4L Belt 4593633AA 1
45D2-9785                FEL-PRO INCORPORATED                                         VS50346                  Gasket - Valve Cover 3.3L VS50346 1
45F0-0436                FORD                                                         DIAZ-9E628B              Air Tube Retainer Clip DIAZ-9E628B 3
45F0-0437                FORD                                                         DIZZ-6A636-A             Gasket Oil Filter Adapter DIZZ-6A636-A 6
45F0-0475                FORD                                                         388470-5                 Crank Case Connector 388470-5 3
45F0-0592                FORD                                                         F4TZ-8678-A              Idler Asy. F4TZ-8678-A 1
45F0-0594                FORD                                                         F5TZ-2L487-A             Pulley Assy F5TZ-2L487-A 1
45F0-0599                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                SG25                     Oxygen Sensor SG25                                           2
45F0-0601                FORD                                                         F4UZ-9F472-C             Oxygen Sensor F4UZ-9F472-C 1
45F0-0603                FORD                                                         F4UZ-9F472-A             Oxygen  Sensor F4UZ-9F472-A 1
45F0-0605                FORD                                                         E9SZ-9278-A              Oil Pressure Switch E9SZ-9278-A 1
45F0-0608                FORD                                                         E9TZ-9F715-BA            Air Bypass Valve E9TZ-9F715-BA 1
45F0-0610                FORD                                                         E5TZ-9E936-B             Gasket E5TZ-9E936-B 1
45F0-0611                FORD                                                         87147-S91                Gasket 87147-S91 8
45F0-2166                FORD                                                         F4UZ-9F472-C             O2 Sensor F4UZ-9F472-C 1
45F0-2197                FORD                                                         F09Z-9F472-C             O2 Sensor F09Z-9F472-C 1
45F2-10782 FORD                                                         3C3Z-6A366-AA            Spacer - Flexplate 3C3Z-6A366-AA 1
45F2-3396                FORD                                                         F4TZ-6769-C              Seal F4TZ-6769-C 6
45F2-4558                FORD                                                         F1TZ-6A666-A             Crankcase Vent Valve F1TZ-6A666-A 1
45F2-7064                FORD                                                         1C3Z-6C610-BA            O-Ring Oil Cooler 1C3Z-6C610-BA 23
45F2-7065                FORD                                                         1C3Z-6K649-BA            O-Ring Oil Cooler 1C3Z-6K649-BA 5
45F2-7099                FORD                                                         F4TZ-6A636-A             Gasket Oil Filter Housing F4TZ-6A636-A 5
45F2-7307                FORD                                                         F81Z-9C402-AA            Oil Pump Line Elbow F81Z-9C402-AA 1
45F2-7308                FORD                                                         F81Z-9N332-AA            Oil Pump Line Elbow F81Z-9N332-AA 1
45F2-8318                NATIONAL SEAL DIV., FEDERAL-MOGUL                            5723 Rear Main Seal 99 Fords 5723 1
45F2-9438                FORD                                                         4C3Z-6608-B              Front Cover Gearator Kit  4C3Z-6608-B 1
45F2-9450                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6616-BA             Cover - Oil Pump 3C3Z-6616-BA 1
45F2-9564                FORD                                                         8C3Z-6565-B              Push Rod  8C3Z-6565-B 0
45F2-9572                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6564-CA             Bridge - Rocker Arm 3C3Z-6564-CA 2
45F2-9573                FORD                                                         4C3Z-6564-AA             Rocker Arm - Intake and Exhaust (Dual) 4C3Z-6564-AA 0
45F3-3485                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6700-BA             Front Crank Seal 3C3Z-6700-BA 1
45F3-3516                FORD                                                         F1SZ-10884-A             Temp Sensor F1SZ-10884-A 4
45F4-7203                FORD                                                         2C2Z-6584-BA             Gasket Rocker Valve 2C2Z-6584-BA 1
51F0-0499                FORD                                                         D3TZ-13305-B             T/S Handle D3TZ-13305-B 1
54C0-8030                CHEVROLET                                                    15601585 C60 Horn Button 15601585 1
54C0-8032                CHEVROLET                                                    3929611 Horn Contact Cam 3929611 1
55F2-3357                BRAUN MFG                                                    16933A                   Wheel Chair Control Box Clip 16933A 2
C-13F2-7522 FORD                                                         CORE (6C2Z-2552-BA)      Core Exchange Caliper 1
C-13F2-7523 FORD                                                         CORE (6C2Z-2553-B)       Core Exchange Caliper 1


However, all item(s) are sold “as is, where is” without any warranties whatsoever. Please bid accordingly. PLEASE NOTE: Preview of items is NOT available. ITEMS SOLD AS PICTURED. NO RETURNS. NO REFUNDS.


Item(s) must be picked up NO LATER THAN THIRTY (30) days after the auction closes at Madison County Transit; One Transit Way, Granite City, IL 62040. 


If the item(s) is not picked up within thirty (30) days, the buyer will forfeit their payment for said item(s) as liquidated damages. The Madison County Mass Transit District reserves the right after that to re-auction or scrap the item(s), for failure to comply with the procedures as stated.


YOUR ITEM MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP IF YOU DO NOT PRE-SCHEDULE A PICKUP TIME. Pickup must be coordinated at least two days in advance with the office. Item(s) may be picked up between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (closed for lunch between 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.), Monday – Friday. Pickup in person or by private carrier (buyer is responsible for contacting the shipper and for planning the pickup/shipment. All shipping charges and arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer). To schedule a pickup of item(s) sold (in person or by private carrier), please contact Justin Dixon (  

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