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Part # MFG MFG Part # Part Descript On Hand
01A0-8813                FOUR SEASONS                                                 83108 Drier - Front A/C 83108 1
01F0-0616                FORD                                                         E8UZ-19620-A             Vent Door Lever E8UZ-19620-A 1
01F0-3427 FORD                                                         E69Z-18D434-A            Heater Hose Clips E69Z-18D434-A 5
01F0-6177                FORD                                                         F3TZ-18513-A             Blower Knob F3TZ-18513-A 1
01F2-3070                FORD                                                         F20Y-19D784-A            Pulley  {1994} F20Y-19D784-A 1
01F2-3306                FORD                                                         XC2Z-19E616-AA           Vent Door Motor XC2Z-19E616-AA 1
01F2-3980                FORD                                                         F2UZ-18N272-A            Plenum Lever F2UZ-18N272-A 1
01F2-4315                FOUR SEASONS                                                 45955 Idler Pulley for 97 Eldorado's 45955 3
01F2-8105                FORD                                                         F7UZ-19B888-BB           A/C Switch w/Vacuum Ports F7UZ-19B888-BB 1
01F2-8219                FORD                                                         XC3Z-9697-AA             Grommet for Restricter XC3Z-9697-AA 2
01F2-8236 FORD                                                         1L2Z-19D798-AA           Clutch Disc Magnet 1L2Z-19D798-AA 1
01F2-8971                FOUR SEASONS                                                 277601 Valve - Heater Shutoff Metal 277601 3
01F2-9475                FORD                                                         W701742-S430             Ring - Compressor Retaining W701742-S430 6
01F2-9476                FORD                                                         W704579-S430             Ring - Compressor Retaining W704579-S430 6
01F2-9477                FORD                                                         W707273-S300             Pin - Spring Compressor W707273-S300 15
01F2-9478                FORD                                                         W710491-S437             Nut - Compressor W710491-S437 8
01F2-9479                FORD                                                         XS4Z-19D648-AA           Spacer Kit - Compressor XS4Z-19D648-AA 2
01N4-3348                THERMOKING                                                   715-514                  A/C Compressor 715-514 0
02A0-7743                NEW FLYER                                                    55342 Sign Assy Destination Side 055342 0
02F0-0466                FORD                                                         F2TZ-17723-A             Mirror Head Assy. F2TZ-17723-A                               1
02F0-7248                FORD                                                         E3TZ-17531-A             Trans Wire Clip E3TZ-17531-A 1
02F1-8636                BRAUN MFG                                                    225-9003R                Cover - Seat Track 225-9003R 3
02F2-10367 FORD                                                         F7UZ-17632-AA            Cap - Winshield Washer F7UZ-17632-AA 1
02F2-10631 FORD                                                         F65Z-14A701-AA           Switch - Drivers Seat F65Z-14A701-AA 0
02F2-11180 FORD                                                         6C2Z-16916-AA            Cable - Hood Release 6C2Z-16916-AA 1
02F2-11251 FORD                                                         1C3Z-17603-AA            Nozzle - Windshield Washer Spray 1C3Z-17603-AA 2
02F2-3889                FORD                                                         YC2Z-17C476-AA           Wiper Module YC2Z-17C476-AA 1
02F2-3930                FORD                                                         F2UZ-17603-B             W/S Spray Jet F2UZ-17603-B 1
02F4-0636                FORD                                                         E9TZ-16916-A             Hood Cable E9TZ-16916-A 1
02N0-3349                NEW FLYER                                                    57529 Sign Assembly Destination Front 057529 0
02N4-3606 NEW FLYER                                                    17874 Door Glass Seal 017874 0
03F1-7036                FORD                                                         F85Z-2L373-AB            Sensor Fuel Gauge F85Z-2L373-AB 1
03F2-3309                FORD                                                         F6TZ-9278-AA             Oil Pressure Switch F6TZ-9278-AA 6
13F2-10362 FORD                                                         F81Z-2092-AA             Cover - Rear Brake Caliper Bolt F81Z-2092-AA 2
13F2-7393                FORD                                                         4C2Z-2A451-AA            Vacuum Pump 4C2Z-2A451-AA 1
13F2-8275                FORD                                                         E9TZ-13480-A             Stop Lamp Switch 04 Fords E9TZ-13480-A 1
13F2-9378 FORD                                                         F85Z-9E731-AB            Sensor - Wheel Speed Diff Mounted F85Z-9E731-AB 1
13F2-9540                FORD                                                         XC2Z-2L454-AA            Reservoir - Brake Master with Sensor XC2Z-2L454-AA 1
13F2-9609                FORD                                                         385116-S2                Bolt - Banjo Brake Hose to Caliper 385116-S2 1
14F2-9276                FORD                                                         N807218-S441             Stud - Engine Mount Front N807218-S441 4
15F2-10191               FORD                                                         F2DZ-3C610-A             Retainer - Steering Column F2DZ-3C610-A 1
15F2-10192               FORD                                                         F57Z-3520-AA             Steering Column Spring - F57Z-3520-AA 1
15F2-10193               FORD                                                         F5TZ-3D544-A             Lever - Steering Column F5TZ-3D544-A 1
15F2-7692 FORD                                                         6C2Z-3A717-AA            High Pressure Hose Pump to Booster 6C2Z-3A717-AA 1
15F2-8683                FORD                                                         4C2Z-3A713-HB            Hose - Power Steering 4C2Z-3A713-HB 2
15F2-8684                FORD                                                         7C2Z-3691-A              Hose - Power Steering 7C2Z-3691-A 2
15F2-9563                FORD                                                         F7UZ-3A006-AA            Cap- Power Steering F7UZ-3A006-AA 1
15F2-9906                FORD                                                         N808209S                 O-Ring Power Steering Line to Gear N808209S 2
15F2-9907                FORD                                                         N803257S                 O-Ring - Power Steering Line to Gear N803257S 10
15F4-11591 FORD                                                         8S4Z-3F886-A             O Ring - Power Steering Pump 8S4Z-3F886-A 2
16F0-7210                FORD                                                         8C2Z-3B177-A             I Beam Bushing 8C2Z-3B177-A 5
16F2-10035               FORD                                                         N806859-S2               Bolt - I Beam Bushing N806859-S2 3
16F2-10047               FORD                                                         W710855-S439             Bolt - Rear Leaf Spring W710855-S439 1
16F2-10049 FORD                                                         N806568-S439             Bolt - Rear Leaf Spring N806568-S439 1
16F2-10404 FORD                                                         W707678-S441             Nut - Rear Spring Mounting Adjustable W707678-S441 2
16F2-3681                GABRIEL RIDE CONTROL PRODUCTS, INC.                          50730 Rear Shock 1996-97 50730 3
16F2-9542                FORD                                                         E2TZ-5486-A              Bracket - Rear Stabilizer Bar E2TZ-5486-A 1
16F4-11230 KYB Corporation                                              1923429 Shock - Rear 1923429 0
24C2-11749 BUSSMANN                                                     FWA400A                  Fuse - VTM 400 Amp 80-5731 3
24F2-9608                FORD                                                         N800594-S100             Bolt - Drive Shaft to Rear Housing N800594-S100 4
27A0-8138                Motormite                                                    65115 Universal Trans Dipstick 65115 1
27F2-10293               FORD                                                         W701815-S439             Stud - Trans Line to Block W701815-S439 18
27F2-8568                FORD                                                         3C3Z-7H200-AA            Gasket - Solenoid Body 3C3Z-7H200-AA 1
27F2-8612                FORD                                                         F0DZ-7W441-A             Pin - Shift Tube 7
27F2-8676 FORD                                                         378941-S441              Nut - Torque Converter Mounting 378941-S441 4
27F2-9235                FORD                                                         8C2Z-7890-B              Hose - Trans Cooler 8C2Z-7890-B 1
27N3-6005 Custom Built In-House                                        29523254 Rebuilt B400R Transmission 29523254X                         0
32F2-6055                FORD                                                         F7UZ-11450-AA            Starter Relay F7UZ-11450-AA 1
33F0-7250                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                FD-312                   Ign Rotor FD-312 1
33F2-8662                FORD                                                         F2UZ-11572-A             Switch - Ignition 1980-1994 E350 F2UZ-11572-A 1
33F2-9689                FORD                                                         F5TZ-11572-A             Switch - Ignition F5TZ-11572-A 1
34A0-9810                BUSSMANN                                                     TA233                    Fuse Holder 10 Gauge TA233 1
34D3-7240                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                DS-739                   Turn Signal Switch DS-739 1
34F2-10186               FORD                                                         3U2Z-14S411-RPB          Pigtail - Fuel Water Seperator 3U2Z-14S411-RPB 1
34F2-3323                GROTE MFG. CO.                                               60291 License Plate Light 60291 5
34F2-3611                FORD                                                         F1TZ-13550-A             License Plate Light  F1TZ-13550-A or 60101-5 7
34F2-3635                FORD                                                         F7UZ-14A320-AC           Turn Signal Switch Wiring Harness F7UZ-14A320-AC 17
34F2-6116                GROTE MFG. CO.                                               66981 License Plate Light Pigtail 66981 5
34F2-8394                FORD                                                         3U2Z-14S411-EDAA         Connector - Pigtail - Turn Signal Switch 3U2Z-14S411-EDAA 2
34F2-8471                FORD                                                         3U2Z-14S411-JCA          Harness Pig Tail Camshaft Sensor 3U2Z-14S411-JCA 0
34F2-8472                FORD                                                         3U2Z-14S411-CGA          Harness Pig Tail Crankshaft Sensor 3U2Z-14S411-CGA 1
34F2-9196                FORD                                                         1U2Z-14S411-JA           Harness - Headlamp Pigtail 1U2Z-14S411-JA 1
34F2-9424                FORD                                                         F7UZ-13032-AC            Screw - Headlamp Vertical Adjust F7UZ-13032-AC 1
34F2-9425                FORD                                                         F1SZ-13032-A             Screw - Headlamp Pivot F1SZ-13032-A 1
34F2-9426                FORD                                                         F8UZ-13032-AA            Screw - Headlamp Horizontal F8UZ-13032-AA 2
34F2-9430                FORD                                                         2L3Z-13N019-AA           Retainer Nut - Headlamp Bulb 2L3Z-13N019-AA 2
41F2-11253 FORD                                                         W300042                  Bolt - Intake to EGR Cooler Mounting W300042 3
41F2-11301 FORD                                                         W300033                  Stud - Intake Manifold Mounting W300033 8
41F2-11302 FORD                                                         W300032                  Bolt - Intake Manifold Mounting W300032 14
41F2-8450                FORD                                                         6C2Z-6C640-A             Air Charged Cooler Hose 6C2Z-6C640-A 2
42F0-7255                FORD                                                         F7UZ-8124-AA             Radiator Bushing F7UZ-8124-AA 1
42F0-7603                CARQUEST CORP                                                30209 Thermostat 30209                                             1
42F2-6118                FORD                                                         9C3Z-8101-B              Radiator Cap 9C3Z-8101-B 2
42F2-6181                FORD                                                         F4TZ-8507-A              O-Ring Gasket Water Pump F4TZ-8507-A 3
42F2-8339                FORD                                                         3C3Z-8255-AA             Thermostat Gasket 3C3Z-8255-AA 4
42F2-9270                FORD                                                         4C3Z-8507-AA             Gasket - Water Pump 4C3Z-8507-AA 3
43F2-12796 FORD                                                         9C2Z-14A411-D            Harness - Evap Canister 9C2Z-14A411-D 1
43F2-4596                FORD                                                         F4TZ-8287-B              V-Band Clamp F4TZ-8287-B 2
43F2-4597                FORD                                                         F4TZ-9E436-A             Turbo Compression Seal F4TZ-9E436-A 6
43F2-5083 FORD                                                         F4TZ-6K854-C             Exhaust to Turbo Seal F4TZ-6K854-C 1
43F2-6227                FORD                                                         1C3Z-9D477-AA            EBP Tube 1C3Z-9D477-AA 4
43F2-7052                FORD                                                         F6TZ-6C640-A             Turbo to Intake Hose F6TZ-6C640-A 2
43F2-9383 FORD                                                         3C3Z-6N640-AA            Gasket - Turbo Y Pipe 3C3Z-6N640-AA 1
43F3-10842 FORD                                                         7C3Z-5A231-A             Clamp - Muffler to Y Pipe 7C3Z-5A231-A 1
44F2-10277               FORD                                                         W301333                  O-Ring - Fuel Fitting W301333 3
44F2-10278               FORD                                                         W301638                  O-Ring - Fuel Fitting W301638 1
44F2-10423 FORD                                                         4C2Z-9C968-A             Regulator - Fuel Housing 4C2Z-9C968-A 1
44F2-4261                FORD                                                         F81Z-9N320-AA            Fuel Line Connector F81Z-9N320-AA 5
44F2-4262                FORD                                                         F4TZ-9N320-A             Fuel Line Elbow F4TZ-9N320-A 6
44F2-6383                FORD                                                         F5TZ-9G270-A             Fuel Filter Cap F5TZ-9G270-A 4
44F2-7023                FORD                                                         F81Z-9C407-AC            High Pressure Fuel Pump F81Z-9C407-AC 1
44F2-7476                FORD                                                         F81Z-9B273-BN            Fuel Line Filter to RH Head F81Z-9B273-BN 2
44F2-7609                FORD                                                         F4TZ-9J294-A             Thermostat Fuel Heater F4TZ-9J294-A 5
44F2-8198                FORD                                                         F6TZ-9C402-AA            Fuel Line Elbow F6TZ-9C402-AA 1
44F2-8346                FORD                                                         4C2Z-9C165-A             Fuel Filter Housing O-Ring and Gasket Kit 4C2Z-9C165-A 2
44F2-8368                FORD                                                         3C3Z-9P457-AA            O-Ring Throttle Plate 3C3Z-9P457-AA 4
44F2-8661                FORD                                                         3C3Z-9G270-AA            Cap - Fuel Filter Housing Small 3C3Z-9G270-AA 1
44F2-9314                FORD                                                         3C3Z-9A274-AA            Tube - Fuel Line LH 3C3Z-9A274-AA 1
44F2-9448                FORD                                                         5C3Z-9229-A              O - Ring Kit - IPR Solenoid 5C3Z-9229-A 2
44F2-9597                FORD                                                         4C2Z-9C166-AA            Housing - Small Fuel Filter 4C2Z-9C166-AA 2
45F2-10280               FORD                                                         W704750-S437             Bolt - Tensioner Mounting W704750-S437 2
45F2-10281               FORD                                                         W701526-S437             Bolt - Tensioner Mounting W701526-S437 4
45F2-10466 FORD                                                         3C3Z-6C751-A             Valve Kit - Oil Pressure 3C3Z-6C751-A 2
45F2-11527 FORD                                                         W301383                  Bolt - Oil Rail W301383 1
45F2-3115 FORD                                                         F81Z-6750-DA             Dipstick Engine Oil F81Z-6750-DA 1
45F2-4572                FORD                                                         F81Z-6316-AA             Crankshaft Damper F81Z-6316-AA 1
45F2-7241                FORD                                                         F4TZ-6701-A              Seal Kit F4TZ-6701-A 1
45F2-8349                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6619-CA             Oil Cooler Gasket 3C3Z-6619-CA 1
45F2-8351                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6619-AA             Oil Cooler Gasket 3C3Z-6619-AA 3
45F2-8456                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6584-AA             Rocker Carrier Gasket 3C3Z-6584-AA 3
45F2-8466                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6C755-AA            Oil Tube in Filter Hsg w/Push Pin and Spring 3C3Z-6C755-AA 3
45F2-8511                FORD                                                         3C3Z-9N693-EA            O-Ring Adaptor Oil Filter 3C3Z-9N693-EA 3
45F2-8512                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6A831-AA            Gasket Oil Adapter 3C3Z-6A831-AA 2
45F2-8515                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6619-BA             Gasket Oil Adapter 3C3Z-6619-BA 3
45F2-8611                FORD                                                         3U2Z-14S411-MHA          Pigtail - Oil Pressure Switch 2
45F2-8674                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6710-CA             Gasket - Oil Pan 3C3Z-6710-CA 2
45F2-8678                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6619-EA             Gasket - High Pressure Pump 3C3Z-6619-EA 1
45F2-8679                FORD                                                         W302725                  O-Ring - Crankcase Elbow W302725 1
45F2-8688                FORD                                                         3C3Z-9C064-AA            O-Ring - 3C3Z-9C064-AA 1
45F2-8711                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6626-AA             O-Ring - Oil Pickup Tube 3C3Z-6626-AA 2
45F2-9396                FORD                                                         3C3Z-9229-B              O - Ring Kit - Camshaft Sensor 3C3Z-9229-B 0
45F2-9603                FORD                                                         3C3Z-6312-CA             Balancer - Dampner 3C3Z-6312-CA 1
45F4-11601 FORD                                                         4S7Z-8678-A              Pulley - Idler 4S7Z-8678-A 1
45F4-12174 GATES                                                        38452 Tensioner - Belt 38452 1
52F2-9379                FORD                                                         F65Z-18919-AA            Cap - Antenna Delete F65Z-18919-AA 1
55F2-9967                BRAUN MFG                                                    25736 Circuit Breaker 5 Amp Manual Wheel Chair Lift 25736 1
65F2-8922                FORD                                                         N806176-S309             Bolt - Power Steering Pump Mounting N806176-S309 6


However, all item(s) are sold “as is, where is” without any warranties whatsoever. Please bid accordingly. PLEASE NOTE: Preview of items is NOT available. ITEMS SOLD AS PICTURED. NO RETURNS. NO REFUNDS.


Item(s) must be picked up NO LATER THAN THIRTY (30) days after the auction closes at Madison County Transit; One Transit Way, Granite City, IL 62040. 


If the item(s) is not picked up within thirty (30) days, the buyer will forfeit their payment for said item(s) as liquidated damages. The Madison County Mass Transit District reserves the right after that to re-auction or scrap the item(s), for failure to comply with the procedures as stated.


YOUR ITEM MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP IF YOU DO NOT PRE-SCHEDULE A PICKUP TIME. Pickup must be coordinated at least two days in advance with the office. Item(s) may be picked up between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (closed for lunch between 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.), Monday – Friday. Pickup in person or by private carrier (buyer is responsible for contacting the shipper and for planning the pickup/shipment. All shipping charges and arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer). To schedule a pickup of item(s) sold (in person or by private carrier), please contact Justin Dixon (  

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