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Part # MFG MFG Part # Description On Hand
01A0-2173                TRUCK AIR PARTS MFG. CORP.                                   18-3009                  9" Fan Blade 18-3009 1
01A0-9894                INTERNATIONAL (NAVISTAR)                                     2592667C1                Clutch - A/C 2592667C1 1
01D0-7632                DODGE                                                        4677435AC                A/C Drain Tube 4677435AC 8
01D2-7253                DODGE                                                        5066635AB                Filter - Drier 5066635AB 0
01D3-2152                CARQUEST CORP                                                208756 Filter - Drier 208756 2
01D3-2153                FOUR SEASONS                                                 38849 Expansion Valve 38849                                        1
01F0-0690                TRUCK AIR PARTS MFG. CORP.                                   Jan-01 Blower Motor 01-3001                                         1
01F0-0789                SEALCO AIR CONTROLS, INC.                                    TCLE-4-FC                Thermo Valve TCLE-4-FC                                       1
01F0-0791                FOUR SEASONS                                                 38608 Expansion Valve 38608 1
01F0-2062                FORD                                                         E8LY-2884-AKX            A/C Clutch Pulley E8LY-2884-AKX 1
01F0-2140                FORD                                                         E8LY-19D798-A            A/C Coil E8LY-19D798-A 3
01F0-2186                FORD                                                         F0UZ-19D887-A            A/C Clutch Jumper Wire F0UZ-19D887-A 4
01F2-0819                TRANS/AIR MFG. CO.                                           210031 Expansion Valve (Trans Air) 210031                           1
01F2-12176 FORD                                                         RIDEFINDER VAN           Control - Rear A/C Ridefinders Van 0
01F2-3067 FORD                                                         F5DZ-19D990-AB           Orifice Tube F5DZ-19D990-AB 3
13A0-0748                Emerson Climate Technologies                                 AMI-1MM4                 Moisture Liquid Indicator AMI-1MM4                           1
13C2-12672 CHEVROLET                                                    23144527 Sensor - Front Wheel Speed 23144527 3
13D3-4399                EIS DIVISION, STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                  SP6213                   Brake Hose Caliper to Frame SP6213 1
13D3-4501                EIS DIVISION, STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                  SP9036                   Brake Hose SP9036 1
13F2-7256                BRAKE PARTS INC                                              SP9029                   Brake Hose SP9029 1
15C0-9042                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K6536                    Arm - Pitman K6536 1
15C3-9193                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K6534                    Arm - Idler K6534 1
15D3-7149                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K7106                    Idler Arm K7106 1
15F0-0703                FORD                                                         E8UZ-3A131-B             Socket E8UZ-3A131-B                                          1
15F0-0709                FORD                                                         D7UZ-3A130-A             Tie Rod End Assembly D7UZ-3A130-A 1
15F0-0710                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        DS-918                   End Assy DS-918 1
15F1-7661                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        ES3302RL                 Tie Rod End RH ES3302RL 2
16A0-0700                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K8097                    Stabilizer Bolt Kit K8097                                    4
16D3-6387                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K7082                    Upper Ball Joint K7082 2
16D3-7163                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                         K7117                   Control Arm Bushing Lower Right Side K7117 2
16D3-7164                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K7118                    Upper Control Arm Bushing K7118 3
16D3-8752                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K3172                    Bushing - Stabilizer Bar K3172 2
16F0-0692                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        RS520                    Kingpin Shim RS520                                           1
16F0-0694                FORD                                                         D5UZ-5486-A              Insulator Bracket D5UZ-5486-A                                1
16F0-0696                Rancho Suspension                                            904511 Insulator Bushing Kit 904511                                 2
16F0-0698                FORD                                                         D5UZ-3111B               Spindle Bolt And Bushing Kit D5UZ-3111B                      1
16F0-0701                FORD                                                         E0TZ-5K483-E             Stabilizer Link E0TZ-5K483-E                                 2
16F0-0779                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K8434                    Stablilzer Bar Bushing K8434                                 3
16F0-0780                FORD                                                         D7UZ-3B244-C             Spacer (Radius Arm) D7UZ-3B244-C                             4
16F0-2305                CHAMP SERVICE LINE                                           111506 Coil Spring Stabilizer 111506 4
16F2-10912 FORD                                                         EOTZ-5K484-A             Link - Rear Stabilizer EOTZ-5K484-A 1
16F2-3330                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K80196                   Upper Ball Joint K8608T 1
16F2-3331                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K80197                   Lower Ball Joint 04 Ford K8609T 1
16F2-3397                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K8432                    Upper Ball Joint Kit K8432 1
16F2-3398                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K8433                    Lower Ball Joint Kit K8433 2
16F2-4206                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K8690                    Front Stabilizer Bushing K8690 3
16F2-4207                FORD                                                         E9TZ-5493-A              Front Stabilizer Bar Insulator E9TZ-5493-A 9
16F2-6455                FORD                                                         E6TZ-5486-B              Stabilizer Bar Bracket E6TZ-5486-B 1
16F2-7047                FORD                                                         E0TZ-5776-A              Rear Shackle E0TZ-5776-A 1
16F3-3385                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K8676                    Ball Joint K8676 2
16F3-3386                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K8673                    Ball Joint K8673 2
16F3-4392                FORD                                                         D9TZ-3B203-A             Inside Front Radius Arm Bushing D9TZ-3B203-A 1
16F4-11540 MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K80066                   Link - Sway Bar 545-1101 4
16F4-4290                MOOG AUTOMOTIVE, INC.                                        K8361                    Radius Arm Bushing K8361 1
18D2-8230                DODGE                                                        4721515AD                Rear Hub Caravans 4721515AD 1
21D2-0699                NEAPCO, INC.                                                 66-2572                  Transaxle Boot Kit 66-2572                                   1
21D2-0708                DODGE                                                        5212746 Axle Housing 5212746 1
24F0-0776                GMB                                                          210-1204                 U Joint 210-1204 1
24F0-0777                NEAPCO, INC.                                                 Feb-11 U -Joint 2-3011 2
24F2-3578                NEAPCO, INC.                                                 2-0053                   U Joint 2-0053 3
32A0-0736                STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS, INC.                                A12-1H                   Battery Cable 12" A12-1H                                     4
42J0-13409 KUBOTA, LTD.                                                 17580-16060              Cap - Radiator 17580-16060 1
43J0-13402 KUBOTA, LTD.                                                 1A091-12350              Gasket - Exhaust Manifold 1A091-12350 0
43J0-13403 KUBOTA, LTD.                                                 1A091-12360              Gasket - Exhaust Manifold 1A091-12360 1
43J0-13405 KUBOTA, LTD.                                                 T0070-16420              Gasket - Exhaust Muffler T0070-16420 1
45D3-6206                DODGE                                                        53009508 Idler Pulley 53009508 1



However, all item(s) are sold “as is, where is” without any warranties whatsoever. Please bid accordingly. PLEASE NOTE: Preview of items is NOT available. ITEMS SOLD AS PICTURED. NO RETURNS. NO REFUNDS.


Item(s) must be picked up NO LATER THAN THIRTY (30) days after the auction closes at Madison County Transit; One Transit Way, Granite City, IL 62040. 


If the item(s) is not picked up within thirty (30) days, the buyer will forfeit their payment for said item(s) as liquidated damages. The Madison County Mass Transit District reserves the right after that to re-auction or scrap the item(s), for failure to comply with the procedures as stated.


YOUR ITEM MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP IF YOU DO NOT PRE-SCHEDULE A PICKUP TIME. Pickup must be coordinated at least two days in advance with the office. Item(s) may be picked up between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (closed for lunch between 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.), Monday – Friday. Pickup in person or by private carrier (buyer is responsible for contacting the shipper and for planning the pickup/shipment. All shipping charges and arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer). To schedule a pickup of item(s) sold (in person or by private carrier), please contact Justin Dixon (  

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